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Thanks to the overwhelming response from our great Central Minnesota communities, we have reached our maximum need of fishing hosts for the 2017 Minnesota Governors Fishing Opener. However, if you didn’t have a chance to register and you would like to, you can submit your information to our waiting list and we will contact you if something becomes available in the next few weeks.


For those who have already successfully submitted a fishing host application, you can find out more about the event below. You will also receive all of this information upon approval as a fishing host. For any other questions or concerns, please contact Rachel at 320-202-6728.

Thank you for volunteering your time to be a fishing host for the 2017 Governor’s Fishing Opener Event (GFO) on Saturday, May 13th, 2017.  We appreciate your willingness to be an ambassador for Greater St. Cloud.

The Governor’s Fishing Opener Event is in its 70th year, and  is one of the largest annual media events in Minnesota. We are hosting this event to showcase Greater St. Cloud and the Mississippi River. It is a partnership between our greater community and Explore Minnesota Tourism. As a fishing host, you will be an ambassador of our bodies of water, providing a great day of fishing, and more importantly, providing a reflection of the hospitality of our community.  Your potential guests are members of the media, major sponsors of our event, Governor’s party or special guests.

Your attendance at the following two meetings is required:


A rules meeting and dinner will be held on Thursday, May 11, 2017 at the River’s Edge Convention Center – Herberger’s Suite (located on the 2nd floor).

Please arrive by 6:15pm

We will review the fishing event itinerary, guest fishing contacts, and rules of the event.  Explore Minnesota Tourism and Minnesota DNR will provide detailed information.  There is no charge for the meal, but there will be a cash bar.  At this meeting you will receive your commemorative gifts.

Please be aware that only those individuals registered will be seated for the dinner & receive the gift package.   If you have been selected you will receive a notice via the email you provided in your application.


There will be a pairing meeting on Friday, May 12, 2017 beginning 7 P.M. (PLEASE ARRIVE AT 6:30PM) at River’s Edge Convention Center – Glen Carlson (first floor).  You will be paired with your fishing guest at that time.  Please allow at least hours for this meeting.  You and your fishing guests will need to make arrangements for your fishing day.  If you are not paired with someone at this meeting, you must agree to be available at Wilson Park until 9:00 A.M. on Saturday morning for last minute arrivals and/or cancellations.  Please make sure to talk with me, Jerry Carlson your fishing host chair, before leaving the pairing meeting.

You are also invited to attend:

Community Picnic with your family at Lake George Friday, May 12th beginning at 4:00 p.m before the pairing meeting.

Breakfast with your guests on Saturday morning

Shore Lunch with your fishing guests.  The traditional shore lunch will be served from 11:30am – 1:30pm Saturday, May 13, 2017 – AT Wilson Park.  This event is NOT open to the public!  Please do not invite any other guests to meet you at this event.  Some guests will want to go out fishing after the shore lunch, some guests will not.  Please be prepared to fish until 4:00 P.M. on Saturday.

Please Note:  Each year, some fishing guests invite their fishing host to the Saturday night banquet.  Please graciously decline this request.  Due to limited space at the banquet we cannot accommodate all the guests and the fishing hosts.  Please let them know you had a special banquet on Thursday evening and are unable to attend.

If you are coming from out of town:

Hotel properties –Please plan your stay in St. Cloud. If you need assistance finding lodging, contact Rachel Thompson:  320.202.6728

Country Inn & Suites East: 320.252.8282

Grandstay Residential Suites: 320.251.5400

Courtyard by Marriott: 320.654.1661

Parking- for downtown parking please visit:

For more information on the St. Cloud area:

On behalf of Greater St. Cloud and the Explore Minnesota Tourism, we appreciate you giving your time to represent our community.  This event could not happen without volunteers like you!

Please contact me if you have any additional questions:

Jerry Carlson Event Chair – Phone: 320.656.3810  Email:

OR Contact:

Rachel Thompson – Phone: 320.202.6728 Email:

If you have already applied and find you are UNABLE to continue to be a host, it is important that you let us know by April 14th, 2017.

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