Community – Willmar Lakes Area


We are so excited to be hosting the Governor’s Fishing Opener in the Willmar Lakes Area!!

The 71st annual event will take place on Green Lake in Spicer with events taking place in our three largest communities – Willmar, Spicer and New London. We can’t wait to show off our great communities and what they have to offer!

Would you like to help? An event of this size needs a lot of volunteers. We’ll need volunteers to help plan, to be fishing hosts and to help at each of the different activities. Events take place starting Thursday, May 10th and run through Sunday, May 13th.

Are there certain committees you’d like to be a part of to help plan? Are there certain things you are really good at and would like to help with? Do you have a fishing boat and would like to be host for someone on Saturday, May 12th?

If you are interested in being part of a planning committee or a volunteer during the event, please email us at Please give us your name, contact information and what you’d be interested in helping with.

For more information on what a fishing host is, please click here. If you are interested in being a fishing host, please fill out the online application form here.

We will keep your name and contact information on file and contact you when we have something for you to help with.

For a list of committees and descriptions Click Here.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. By email at or by calling us at 320-235-3552.


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