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2017 Raffle Winners

The winners of the 2017 Minnesota Governor’s Fishing Opener raffle are: Scheels $500 Gift Card–Vernon Sullivan Clam Quick Set-up Shelter–Candy Kampa Tracker Pontoon–T-Bone Williams

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Tour Ideas for Fishing Opener Attendees

If you haven’t signed up for any planned tours while you’re in town for the 2017 Minnesota Governor’s Fishing Opener, you can now plan your own! Here is a list of alternative tour ideas for you to plan on your own while you’re in town, or to come back and enjoy another time. We hope […]

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Whirlwind at the Old Capital

At one point in time, Sauk Rapids, MN was one of the most important cities in Minnesota – and up until the cyclone of 1886 Sauk Rapids was looking to be the capital city of Minnesota. In order to pay homage to the great city of Sauk Rapids the restaurant name Old Capital Tavern was born. […]

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Casting in the City – Lake George

Located right downtown St. Cloud and surrounded by a beautiful walking paths and multiple fun features, Lake George is the gem of the city. Plus, a little-known fact, if you’re just looking to have some casual fishing fun, Lake George offers urban fishing right in town. Stocked with channel catfish each year and full of […]

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An Island of Memories – Sportsman’s Island

On a small island in the Mississippi River just south of St. Cloud lay the memories of a previous time, abandoned and overgrown, but still present. Sportsman’s Island was formerly a buzzing city park, with walking paths, ball fields, playgrounds and even well-known smelt fries. The 19 acres, owned by the St. Cloud Country Club, […]

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All About that Trout

Not well-known to non-locals, Central MN is actually home to a successful trout fishing lake: Watab Lake in Avon Mn. Trout fishing is good on this body of water and anglers can employ many different techniques to tackle trout on this lake. It’s recommended that anglers go shallow, because the top 15′ of the water […]

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