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St. John’s University – The Bible

The first hand-written illuminated in 500 years, the St. John’s Bible was completed in 2011 after 13 years of hard work and dedication by the St. John’s Monastery, master calligrapher Donald Jackson, and many others. It has since traveled thousands of miles and has even been graced by the presence of Pope Francis. Bible […]

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Kayak Fishing – A Mississippi Pleasure

The Mississippi River stretch in the St. Cloud area is home to some of the best smallmouth bass fishing in the state. The river offers prime opportunities for bank-angling as well as floating trips. Clear Waters Outfitting in Clearwater has the largest selection of fishing kayaks in the state and many resources on staff for […]

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Let Your Woes Be Gone

The Wobegon trail offers some of the most quiet and serene biking paths in Minnesota. This biking, hiking and blading assets interacts with some of the most beautiful, serene destinations in our state – from the small-town feel of Collegeville to the photo-worthy covered bridge in Holdingford, biking enthusiasts will never want to leave. And […]

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There’s Granite in Them Hills

Spanning 220 acres and housing 20 former granite quarries, Quarry Park and Nature Preserve is a beautiful testament to the industry that put Central MN on the map. All year long visitors can go hiking, rock climbing, fishing, swimming, cross country skiing… there is something for everyone. And still standing today is the Liberty Derrick, […]

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